Super Sexy CPR saves lives too!

Some people think these CPR videos are offensive.  We at Chicago CPR think they’re amazing!  If you get upset, we’d love to have you in our CPR classes…we want passionate people! Many people take a CPR class because they have to (obligated by duty, feel like it is part of the expectant program, etc). If that sounds like you… do you leave the class feeling more excited that you finished it awake OR that you are actually prepared to act in an emergency?  Do you really remember what to do if you must act?  These videos along with others are a nice change from the blatantly unimpressive system of routine instruction. They deliver the message with passion and humor.  Even the American Heart Association’s new video uses sexy models to sell the product. Their names? “Call 911” and “Push Hard and Fast”.  We applaud anyone that turns CPR on it’s head, or it’s fingertips.  Take a CPR class now.

SUPER SEXY ABDOMINAL THRUSTS: Viewed 1.6 Million times

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So, just to be sure that we’re very clear: This is serious stuff. You are learning how to save a life. When you learn about CPR or learn Abdominal Thrusts, you’re learning about what to do when people are dying or choking. While notably sexy, these videos also make this subject matter more memorable than other boring imagery that has plagued CPR for years. Also, if you don’t notice, it’s a lingerie ad, and a brilliant one at that. Sexy CPR, funny CPR, & boring CPR… all save lives. Your victim won’t care which way you learned. And you’ll just be grateful that you remembered.

SUPER SEXY CPR: Viewed 5.6 Millions times
PLEASE NOTE: AHA has changed ABC’s to CAB’s, so this video is now outdated, but still effective. Take a CPR class to get up to date.

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