First Aid Classes-Be Ready When Something Happens

First Aid  has changed over the years – it’s not all about snakebites. Remember that 80% of injuries occur in the home. Quick, proper treatment of common injuries, such as sprains, bleeding, and burns will minimize the need for more extensive medical intervention and decrease pain. Less pain, less hospital visits=happier kids (and parents!)

Would you know what to do for the sprained ankle while diving for that fly ball, or the tree stick “pirate sword” that ends up in someone’s eye? Chicago CPR’s first aid certification covers all it all, because we know there is no plateau to our kids’ creativity. And, we go a little more technical too by teaching you how to use an epinephrine pen to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. I know some of you are thinking ‘my kids don’t have any allergies’. Well, childhood allergies have increased exponentially over the past few years. A good friend of mine is a school nurse. She often tells me that 12 years ago, she had 1-2 epinephrine pens in her office for the kids. Now, she has over 10 of them! Chances are, at least one of your kids’ friends will have a serious allergy and carry an epinephrine pen. Will you know what to do if a reaction occurs on your watch?

Chicago CPR provides CPR classes & first aid classes at many locations, or in your home.  We’ll even come to your business to provide CPR certification for your employees.

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