HealthCare Providers

Our  Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers is designed to provide a painless and efficient way for healthcare providers to complete the necessary requirements for a healthcare provider card.  Our streamlined certification consists of two parts, an on-line  compenent and a ‘live’ classroom skills demonstration.  To complete this certification, follow the below steps, in order:

1. complete the American Heart Association on-line training on your own, at  Purchase the BLS for healthcare professionals online, part 1.  This fee is $22.00 paid directly to the AHA, via their website.  Print out the certificate validating that you completed this and bring it with you to your skills validation class.

2. Sign up for any one of our non-certification classes (listed on – search by chicago cpr).  Signing up for the ‘non-certification class’ will allow  you to pay the lower price of $35.00.  We will complete the skills training and issue your healthcare provider card, valid for 2 years,  at the completion of this class.

3.   After you register for a class, it is very important that you email us directly to let us know which class you are attending and that you need to complete the ‘skills validation’ for healthcare provider CPR.  This will ensure that our instructor will be ready to issue your card after the class.  Email us at  If  you do not email us ahead of time,  we will not be able to complete your training when you arrive at the class. The classroom portion is 2 hours in length, and a certification card will be issued at the completion.

It’s not as complicated as it seems.  Our clients love this  streamlined approach for certification.


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