Chicago votes on iphone app to speed CPR to victims

Chicago CPRDid you read our previous blog “don’t be part of the 70% who do nothing“? How far would you go to search out the opportunity to be a hero and save someone’s life? Tomorrow morning at the 11:00 AM City of Chicago Public Safety meeting, an iPhone application will be on the agenda. It allows people trained in CPR to get text messages when someone nearby is undergoing cardiac arrest. Would you download this app? The app has already been piloted in San Ramon Valley, California, with about 40,000 users.  The app sends a message when 9-1-1 has been called and paramedics are responding to a cardiac emergency. The volunteer responder is sent a map showing the location of both the victim and where the nearest automated external defibrillator can be found.

Do you think it is a good idea? Should Chicago be the next area to pilot this initiative? Would you download and use this app? Chicago CPR thinks this is an interesting idea, but first we need to get more people comfortable with CPR by taking a CPR certification course.

If you have a strong opinion about this one way or the other, there is still time to send an email to one of the alderman on the committee.

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