Brooks and Kim are two of the best instructors we've had. Period. We've gone to all the pre-natal classes and without a doubt provided the most informative and interactive class. We walked out feeling confident we could jump into action if needed. We highly recommend you try them out. 5 Stars!

- Claire B.   Roscoe Village


We have classes throughout Chicago and the Suburbs.

Starting at  $35

 Nannies, Teachers, Trainers, etc.


If you need a CPR Card for your job, we'll get you prepared. You'll walk out of the class with card in hand.

Types of CPR Classes Available

You'll have fun learning, get peace of mind & when you need to do CPR, you'll remember it, correctly.



Our firefighters & nurses bring decades of actual experience to the class.

There are many types of CPR classes. Depending on your needs, we can advise you on which makes most sense. If you're an expectant parent, we include critical baby safety instruction in our classes. We want to avoid CPR all together.  These helpful tips will reduce the risks.


 Parents and Grandparents


We work with thousands of parents to prepare them for baby's arrival. We can help both expectant and experiences parents



We have multiple classes and locations. We will work to find a scheduling solution that works.

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We are the best value. Clients routinely comment "This was sooo worth it! So glad we came."

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We make CPR fun, so you learn more. We know how boring other classes can be.


If you have any questions, please call or email us. Click below to find a class.

 Custom CPR Classes


We provide on site custom CPR classes at your workplace. We'll bring our experienced instructors to you and customize a class in order to provide the best value.